Website Development

Building an AWESOME website isn’t as easy as it looks.

Did someone say standards-compliant?

What the heck is a “standards-compliant” website anyway? And why do you care? (If you’re really curious click the previous link on “standards-compliant” for the Wikipedia definition).

But here’s what is important:

If your website doesn’t line up with ALL the code, functionality, rules, restrictions, and customization of the “web” then you’re going to have a BIG problem! Making sure it DOES takes insight, experience, and patience, which — lucky for you — we have.

Our standards-compliant integration solutions are customized fully to meet your needs. We not only structure and build your site with your unique business goals and strategic objectives in mind we KNOW that using standards-based development methods deliver the best results for both you and your audience.

Because we build our sites using XHTML for content structures, and CSS for controlling formatting and visual elements, our clients gain many advantages:

  • Semantically correct page output
  • Search engine optimized page structures
  • Rapidly loading pages
  • Separation of content and presentation
  • Built-in accessiblity for all users and devices
  • Reduced costs for maintenance and site updates


Information Organization

This is not “Field of Dreams.” Building it is not enough…

Websites and applications live and die by the quality of their user experience. We help our clients gain traction by developing outstanding user-centered interactive experiences.

To accomplish this, we begin by gaining insight into your user base — their needs, habits and desires. If you use e-commerce we assess your customer’s purchase patterns and habits as well as their bounce rates.

We then create an inventory of existing and potential site content, review each item for relevance, accuracy and timeliness, and organize it in logical groupings and relationships. From these groupings, we derive an overall site structure, and create page-level interactions that help users quickly find and take action on key site content.

The end result of all of our efforts are websites that are easy to understand and use, and that make users happy.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?