Long Term Support

Your site is built…

And yet it is just the beginning.

Yes, it’s true, creating and building a website is an exciting and sometimes exhaustive process. But the truth is it is only the beginning. You can’t stop raising your child just because you managed to safely bring them into the world!

Once your website is built, proudly taking its place in the digital world, there is still A LOT of work to be done. Now, you may have seen our Content Management page — if not, go there now and come right back — which tells you all about the importance of integrating a system into your website that allows you or your team to maintain content easily. This is true and it’s essential.

What else is essential is having a plan in place to take care and manage all the other weekly, monthly, and yearly updates, changes, and various needs of not only your website but your business. That’s why we build in a 12-month Maintenance Program (MP) into EVERY contract.

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are losing ground because of the technical, behind-the-scenes, mumbo-jumbo that makes up the world of websites. And although it might be mumbo-jumbo to you, these components are crucial and keep your website not only looking good but running smoothly.

Because website software and the internet are ever-growing and complex we customize a 12-month, worry-free way Maintenance Plan (MP) for you in order to make sure all of these other details are handled without you needing to spend lots of money, effort, or other resources extraneously.

Typically we will recommend a program based on your website and business needs, but here are some of the aspects we may manage for you:

  • Updates of:
    • WordPress software
      • Plugins
      • Database(s)
      • Template theme
  • Implementation of new plugins
  • Updating/resolving security issues
  • On page SEO updates including (if SEO is being done)
  • Phone conversations
  • Phone or online training
  • Troubleshooting via email or phone
  • Adding:
    • New pages
    • Navigation
    • Banners
    • Widgets
    • Other site elements
      • Gallery (ies)
      • Portfolio(s)
      • Blog and blog posts
      • Audio and video loads and linking
  •  E-commerce troubleshooting
  • Updating custom developed functions

Our MPs will usually cover 2 to 6 hours of maintenance per month and are billed automatically monthly. Ask us about the MP in more detail as it is a integrative part of every project we work on.