Ecommerce Solutions

E-commerce is hands-free income generation — 24/7.

We develop and integrate innovative Web-based e-commerce solutions that drive more traffic to your online store, convert more shoppers into customers, and help you generate income even when you’re sleeping.

Cawiji Studios has extensive experience developing high-volume Business to Business  and Business to Customer e-commerce solutions. Our solutions help clients manage all aspects of online transactions, including product presentation, searching and browsing, shopping cart functionality, secure payments, order tracking, fulfillment, and account management. We also ensure that our solutions integrate with your existing applications to create a seamless e-commerce stream.

We approach e-commerce solutions from the online customer’s perspective, with the goal of making purchases a satisfying, uncomplicated experience.

Because we understand that adding e-commerce to your website increases your monthly overhead, we offer many options for payment integration, hosting, and provide private security (SSL) certificates.