Carlos Lopez Jr | Cawiji Studios OwnerCarlos Lopez Jr

Owner, Lead Developer

As a professional and experienced Webmaster and Developer, Carlos has worked intricately through the world of web and technology. He specializes in database interaction, dynamic and interactive web pages and e-commerce sites. His skills extend, but are not limited to, CSS, XHTML, PHP, jQuery and Java.

Carlos has comfortably commanded the role of web development manager, lead web developer, mentor, teacher, supervisor and consultant at various times in his career. His personable demeanor make him easy to communicate with whether you are asking about technical logistics or design elements. His previous tech business was rightly called “The Friendly Web Tech.”

Carlos believes that if a website is done right from the beginning anyone is capable of maintaining it for the long run. He makes sure this happens for his clients with long term goals in mind. Carlos is dedicated to creating a living and working hard to build a truly effective marketing tool that helps your business thrive regardless of any challenges you may face.

You’ll never find an easier and more efficient developer to work with to create this extremely important aspect of your business.